Start Your Gordon Setter Training Early For The Best Results

Bred to have the stamina to participate in long hunts, the Gordon Setter remains a prized sporting dog today, as well as a treasured family pet. It’s proven to be a protective, yet amiable and affectionate part of the family. However, as a very active breed, Gordon Setters can benefit greatly by receiving proper training so that they know how to function properly within the family environment. Here’s some tips for how Gordon Setter training can help your dog to become the best version of himself.

Begin Early

The right time for you to begin your Gordon Setter Training is the first days after you’ve brought your puppy home. Nothing can replace the value of early training and socialization. It lays the foundation upon which all the rest of the training that you’ll provide for your Gordon will be built upon. It’s essential that your puppy grows into a confident dog that is able to face any number of situations without becoming timid or fearful. This is achieved by exposing your puppy to new things in a reassuring, calm way.

Regardless of whether you intend to hunt or show your dog, you should train him to understand and respond instantly to the basic commands: sit, down, stay, and come. Begin by leading your puppy into a sit while holding a treat. As soon as the puppy sits, reward the behavior with the treat. This is referred to as positive reinforcement, and using this technique works equally well with all the basic commands. The puppy learns what words and actions are pleasing to you, and that by doing them he’ll receive a reward. In the beginning, you should ignore errors and focus solely on positive reinforcement.

Formal Training

If you are consistent with your puppy training, you’ll set a good ground work for more advanced, formal training. Formal training can be obtained by hiring a trainer to work with you and your dog, or joining your local obedience club. The benefit of joining an obedience club is that they provide a number of dog-related activities for you to enjoy with your pet. They’ll help you to get even better response to the basic commands, and begin to teach you how to take your dog on a walk without him pulling ahead or lagging behind. You’ll be able to progress at a pace that is comfortable to you and your dog. The experience will be wonderful for you and your dog, and will build a rapport between the two of you.

The formal training that you provide for your dog can be terminated once your dog’s understanding of basic obedience has reached a level that is acceptable to you, or you can choose to continue for more advanced Gordon Setter training. Advanced training will help you to teach your dog to behave properly in crowded situations, not to rush through an open door, not to jump on people, and more. If you plan to hunt with your dog, the basic and advanced training that your dog has received will make it easier to train your dog about everything he’ll need to know in order to be an effective partner in the field.

These dogs like to be the boss, so early Gordon Setter training is essential for you to establish the levels of authority in the household early. You’ll avoid a lot of embarrassment and frustration later, and you’ll develop a much closer, lasting bond with your dog.

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